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torrent CounterMay 21, 2020

Recently the website was having a lot of errors, but now the website is completely stable but if you find any error on the website please do tell us so that we can resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks for Your patience.


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  • Aditya SinghJune 12, 2020Reply

    admin that the incredibles 2004 you have uploaded dosen’t contain any seeds please please update the link by today itself..

  • Aditya SinghJune 10, 2020Reply

    dear admin i love to download movies from your website but please update the link of incredibles 2 720p hindi it dosen’t contain any seeds and peers please its my huge request to update the link😐😐😀

  • Aditya SinghJune 9, 2020Reply

    dear admin please can you upload the incredibles i want to watch it okay…

  • Aditya SinghJune 7, 2020Reply

    dear admin please change the link of extraction because it opens through gp links and it is giving problem to me and please upload a fresh torrent file of extraction 2020 in 1080p hindi with high seeds and peers..its my huge request to you….

  • vortexJune 1, 2020Reply

    hey admin can you please upload the season 2 of XXX uncensored web series plzz!!!

    • torrent CounterJune 2, 2020Reply

      Season 2 is now available check here

  • chitranjanMay 28, 2020Reply

    dear admin please upload the movies that i am giving below please please upload these movies with high seeds and peers in 1080p or 720p hindi or english…
    Curse of the Blood Rubies
    Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle
    Mystical Adventure
    The Path to Power
    Dragon Ball Super
    Dead Zone
    The World’s Strongest
    The Tree of Might
    Lord Slug
    Cooler’s Revenge
    The Return of Cooler
    Super Android 13!
    Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan
    Bojack Unbound
    Broly – Second Coming
    Fusion Reborn
    Wrath of the Dragon
    Battle of Gods
    Resurrection ‘F’

    BRO please it is my huge request to upload these movies thank you..

    • torrent CounterMay 30, 2020Reply

      wll try out best for you.

    • torrent CounterMay 30, 2020Reply

      Have Fun. Here are your links, please follow the instructions Given.
      Click Here.

  • Aditya SinghMay 27, 2020Reply

    Dear admin please please update the links of captain america winter soldier and captain america the first avenger it dosen’t contain any seed please see to it…, its my huge request ………….

  • floydMay 27, 2020Reply

    hi when im tyryin to download sooryavanshi 020it comint to get link but the link is not gettin downloaded pls update thanks

    • torrent CounterMay 27, 2020Reply

      Let the movie release man

  • Shivam KumarMay 26, 2020Reply

    dear admin please can you upload omg:oh my god i want to watch it please upload by today itself in 1080p hindi

    • torrent CounterMay 27, 2020Reply

      We, Will, Provide you the best link by today.

  • Aditya SinghMay 23, 2020Reply

    bro can u please upload doctor strange 1080p hindi…i want to see it…

  • Aditya SinghMay 23, 2020Reply

    thank you very much

  • Aditya SinghMay 23, 2020Reply

    when i am downloading black panther 1080p hindi it doesn’t contain any seed please see to it i want to see that movie very soon please resolve it….

    • torrent CounterMay 23, 2020Reply

      All links had been updated! Enjoy!

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